Projects - Xenome Online


Xenome Online is our vision for the future of MMORPG gaming on the mobile platform.  Our plan is to build a giant, immersive, and highly interactive world that will bring gamers together in the vast interesting world of Xenome.  We believe that Xenome Online will not only offer the expansive immersive feel of the Xenome Episode 1 and 2 single player games, but it will also bring players together for an unprecedented virtual world experience on the mobile platform.


The Xenome universe is set a few hundred years in the future on Earth.  A beautiful, polluted take on the future that will have you struggling for survival while you unravel the mystery of who you are and what your purpose is.  This is more than just an action game. This is an adventure inside a massive, immersive game world.

  • Multiple classes with varying play styles.
  • Thousands of pieces of equipment that allow you to develop and customize your character.
  • A wide variety of interesting enemies with varying abilities and fighting styles.
  • XNA abilities - Enable your character to assume the special abilities of the monsters you encounter and vanquish.
  • A seamless expansive world never before seen on a mobile platform.
  • Interaction with other real-world players in a persistent virtual game world.

We think you'll like it.  To keep track of our developments, please visit the Xenome Online website.